About Us

Bridg3 is a global, full service, Web3 marketing & technology agency that specializes in connecting influencers, communities, and brands. Our global teams help Web2 brands enter the Web3 space while maximizing their marketing investments, while supporting traditional marketing, advisory, and sales management. Our technology teams handle full stack development. Finally, our talent teams manage and support global influencers, while connecting global talent with offline opportunities. If you need help organically growing your community, entering the Web3 space as a brand, transitioning your marketing and products from Web2 to Web3, or building on Web3 technologies, Bridg3 is your partner.

Global Reach

Our collaboration & advisory teams work daily with users and influencers from around the world. To date, we have worked with over 275 projects, helping them realize over $150 million revenue in the Web3 space. We are experts at growing global communities, connecting talent with opportunities, and helping brands and projects deliver utility to their communities and customers.

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Global Experience

Our Bridg3 teams have worked with projects, companies, and brands on nearly every continent. Every day, our community managers and collaboration teams support communities on multiple platforms, offering 24/7/365 support. We have experience in brand development, brand entry into the Web3 space, Web3 full stack development, community growth, talent management, marketing, and PR.

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