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Bridg3 is a global, full service, Web3 marketing & technology agency that specializes in connecting influencers, communities, and brands. We have worked with over 260 projects to date and have helped our partners bring in over $150 million in revenue. If you need help organically growing your community, entering the Web3 space as a brand, transitioning your marketing and products from Web2 to Web3, or building on Web3 technologies, reach out today.

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We can shape your vision with web3


Bridg3 has a roster of over 40 different influencers and projects that we work with to better connect your project with the NFT community and increase its visibility. We also specialize in advising on strategic decisions to best reach your project’s goals.


Bridg3 trains its members in the skills of community management and moderation, we help place individuals across projects to help manage communities across the web3 space.


We offer top-tier blockchain development through strategic partnerships with talented teams of blockchain & smart-contract engineers. We can assist in your project’s technological growth through tools, analytics, and smart-contract development assistance.

Why clients choose and stay with us


Our on-staff advisors generate market sentiment reports and keep your team up to date on the current state of the market. Our advisors are available on call for premium tiered projects and brands to get updates whenever needed.


Our team has a vast resume of experience under our belt in this brand-new space and has worked with over 260 projects in 2022 alone.


We create long term relationships and networks of professionals in the Web3 and NFT space.


We have helped bring our partners over $170 Million USD in total revenue in under 10 months.

Our Influencer List

# Influencer Twitter Youtube
01 RyanDCrypto 379K 48K
02 Zeneca.eth 304K 7.3K
03 Bento Boi 262K 52K
04 CryptoGorilla 185K 39K
05  Champ T 166K 40K
06 Donte Walker 154K 13K
07 Sibeleth 106K N/A
08 NFT Pasta 105K 10K
09 BlessedNFT 82K N/A
10 Blockchain Gavin 79K 12K


# Influencer Twitter Youtube
10 Matts Crypto 78K 115K
11 NickyG 71K 1.2K
12 Liam Evans 70K 15K
13 Wab.eth 46K N/A
14 Yar Ramish 40K 238K
15 NFT Nate 29K 19K
16 NFT Cheetah 19K N/A
17 Darxy Wayne 9.6K 7.6K
18 Alain HM 9.1K 5.2K
19 Tom Youngs 6.9K 9.5K
20 Nimbus 5.4K 1.4K


Our Project List

# Influencer Twitter
01 Jrny Club 257K
02 Project Godjira 234K
03 Doge Pound 207K
04 ApeList 168K
05 NT Citizen 131K
06 Zooverse 121K
07 Project Whitelist 115K
08 My Pet Hooligan 91K
09 Ascendants 90.8K
10 Squishiverse 88K
# Influencer Twitter
11 Omega Alpha 80.8K
12 Degen Pass 75K
13 Sappy Seals 68K
14 Pixlverse 61K
15 ZenApes 60K
16 Goobers 52K
17 Lucky Zeroes 23K
18 Koin Games 9.8K
19 MidLife Crysis 4.1K