Meet our team

Our team at Bridg3 has come together to deliver amazing results to all of our clients through our networking, advisement, and community.

Nick Grossi (NickyG)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nick offers his clients his vast experience in digital marketing, including his second-to-non networking which has propelled Bridg3 to be the premiere marketing agency it is today. Nick is an entrepreneur at heart and loves to tackle the growing pains startups face in their initial stages entering into the Web3 space.

Before founding Bridg3 in 2021, Nick was a part shareholder in a digital marketing agency, running project management for a global brand on top of running the web department.

Jonny Magnatta (Maggzzyy)

Vice President

Project Manager, Maggzzyy, has combined his Web2 experience in project coordination/management with his interest in collectibles and technology to step confidently into the Web3/NFT space.

Since his first experiments with crypto in July of 2021, Maggzzyy has become entrenched in the space with multiple Community Manager, Moderator, Account Management & Operations roles under his belt. 

Chloë Crawford (Chloë)

Public Relations & Operations

Chloe joined the Bridg3 team as the Finance specialist to plan and direct the financial transactions at Bridg3. She also specializes in the Public Relations.

Shawn Humphreys (ShawnHum)

Creator & Partner Management

Shawn is a experienced community manager/moderator with a background in Information Technology and a certification in Software Development. He was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri where he self-educated in multiple programming languages after financially struggling during the pandemic in 2020 and was able to secure his first tech job as a software analyst for a large corporation.

He started trading NFTs in January 2022 and spent several months networking with innovative builders and traders. He has since moderated for multiple projects before starting his career in Bridg3 as a team member in the operations team.

Daniel Doyle (DansCrypto)

Creator & Partner Management

Dan started investing in Crypto in early 2019 and learned about NFTs in early 2021 and finally made the jump into the space later in the year. Dan is an avid collector of trading cards and is an old school gamer and was naturally drawn to the digital ownership provided by NFTs and the blockchain and wanted to be apart of it’s adoption.

He’s passionate about making connections and helping others grow in the space and promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Dan has Web3 experience in modding, partnerships, community managing, and operational assistance and has been working full time in the space since March of 2022.

West Cleverly (West)

Sales and Partnerships Lead

Working with Bridg3 to fullfill clients needs and helping to deliver top tier support throughout all of our projects. West has a large personal network to bring clients to the forefront of the NFT space. Having managed some of our largest partnerships. West is at the top of the Collaboration Management game for NFTs.

Doug Riley (Eclipse)

Sales & Partnerships

Working with Bridg3 to fullfill clients needs and helping to deliver top tier support throughout all of our projects.

Brian Nelson (BarCollector)

Creator & Partner Management

Brian comes from an entrepreneurial background, with experience in business management and sales.  Being an avid comic and anime collector led him to nfts, but the relationship building and networking has anchored him in Web3. Brian has experience in modding, partnerships, and operational assistance. Enthusiastic about helping web2 companies build and grow in the Web3 space. 

Charitha Goonewardena (CharithaGG)

Graphic Designer & Frontend Engineer

Seasoned digital designer and a front-end engineer who specialises in branding, UIUX and front-end development.