Influencers And Projects

Bridg3 has a global roster of talent including over 40 influencers and projects listed in the table shown. We have worked with over 260+ projects to date in the Web3 space, connecting brands, investors, communities, and talent. In total, our work has generated over $150+ million in revenue for our partners.

Content Creators
RyanDCrypto 379K 48K
Zeneca.eth 304K 7.3K
Bento Boi 287K 52K
CryptoGorilla 185K 39K
Champ T 166K 40K
Donte Walker 154K 13K
Sibeleth 106K N/A
NFT Pasta 105K 10K
BlessedNFT 82K N/A
BlockchainGavin 79K 12K
Matts Crypto 78K 114K
NickyG 71K 1.2K
Liam Evans 70K 15K
Wab.eth 32K N/A
Yar Ramish 40K 238K
NFT Nate 29K 19K
NFTCheetah 19K N/A
Darxy Wayne 9.6K 7.6K
Alain HM 9.1K 5.2K
Tom Youngs 6.9K 9.5K
Nimbus 5.4K 1.4K
MidLife Crysis 4.1K 1K


Partner Projects
JRNY Club 256K
Project Godjira 234K
Doge Pound 207K
ApeList 168K
Neo Tokyo Citizen Alpha 131K
Zooverse 121K
Project Whitelist 115K
My Pet Hooligan 91K
Ascendants 90.8K
Squishiverse 88K
Omega Alpha 80.8K
Degen Pass 75K
Sappy Seals 68K
Pixlverse 61K
ZenApes 60K
Goobers 52K
Lucky Zeroes 23K
Koin Game Dev Squad 9.8K
Mid Life Crysis 4.1K

We Provide Results...

OVER $150 Million in Generated Revenue
OVER 260+ Projects Worked With